My Dear Friends in Sri Lanka,

It is with a great sense of honour that I take over the role of International Inner Wheel President for our Centennial Year, a year in which, with your help, we can ‘Shine a Light’ on all the amazing work that we do in the name of Inner Wheel around the world.

I chose ‘Shine a Light’ because sometimes the light does not ‘Shine’ on all the marvellous projects we are involved in. This past year we have been asked to ‘Work Wonders’ now we must ‘Shine a Light’ on all the Wonders Worked and will be doing in this very special year ahead.

An action goal for ‘Shine a Light’ – Support mental health and well-being. The action goal is to raise awareness about mental health, provide support and resources for those struggling with mental health issues and promote a culture of self-care, empathy and compassion.

‘Project Brighten Lives’ – A centenary project to celebrate 100 years of Inner Wheel.

An environmental project to fit with the resources of clubs or districts – ‘Shine a Light’ on improving public areas for community enjoyment; raising money to refresh or rebuild community facilities (money can be raised by clubs and districts to fund larger projects such as these).

Simple projects to ‘Shine a Light’ on providing and maintaining gardens for public use or for enjoyment of residents in retirement homes, I’m sure all of us have a retirement home in our town, or a YMCA garden that needs refreshed, let us all ‘Brighten Lives’.

In some countries Inner Wheel could ‘Shine a Light’ on school projects, i.e., planting trees, this helps our environment as our climate is changing rapidly – from unseasonal heatwaves and torrential rain to extreme floods, storms, wildfires and prolonged droughts.

I wish all the Inner Wheel members in Sri Lanka well in this OUR Centennial Year, I know that you will all ‘Shine a Light’ throughout the world in the name of our wonderful organisation – Inner Wheel!

Trish Douglas
International Inner Wheel President

As we welcome a new Inner Wheel Year, let us celebrate the friendships which has been built along with the good work that we have accomplished over the years.

Shine a light! during the centenary year of the International Inner Wheel and strive to make positive changes in the lives of the less fortunate.

“No greater gift there is, than a generous heart” – Yoda.

Upeka Peiris
District Chairman

Greetings Dear Sisters in Inner Wheel District 322,

I am honoured and delighted to serve as a link between International Inner Wheel and District 322 in my capacity as National Representative during this historic centenary year.

This is a significant year which marks 58 years of Inner Wheel in Sri Lanka, 38 years for District 322 and a 100 years of the International Inner Wheel Movement. Having begun as a little flicker of a candle, lit in Heriott’s Turkish Baths in Deansgate, Manchester, by a few ladies led by Mrs. Margaret Golding, we are now a global sisterhood who are being called upon to “Shine A Light” by the theme of the coming Inner Wheel year.

How proud Margaret Golding would be to know that Inner Wheel now consists of 4000 Clubs in over 100 countries and with a membership of around 120,000 women, all working towards the shared goals of friendship, service and international understanding.

As National Representative this year, I will have the great privilege of serving as a channel to convey news of our District to International Inner Wheel and to coordinate between it and ourselves. I am especially honoured to be entrusted with this role during a momentous year which will see our centenary celebrations and the International Inner Wheel Convention in May 2024.

As we prepare to celebrate 100 years of friendship and service let us “Shine A Light” and create “Strong Women and a Stronger World”

Kameela Rasheed
National Represtative

It is a pleasure and an hounor to serve in the Executive Committee of District 322. The technology driven global home concept has made my role as Webmaster more relevant and I am committed to bring the Inner Wheel related information to your fingertips.

The improved website will serve as a source of information about the District and the clubs. I invite you to explore the website.

Krishni Balasubramaniam
District Webmaster