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Inner Wheel is one of the largest women’s service voluntary organisations in the world with its presence in more than 104 countries with over 3,895 clubs and 108,000 members. Inner Wheel promotes true friendship, encourages ideals of personal service and foster international understanding. 

Zenaida Y. Farcon

IIW President

Shanta Jayalath

IIW Board Director

Joan Jayamanne

National Representative
District 322

Kamila Rasheed

Deputy National Representative
District 322


Inner Wheel District 322 is the governing body of the clubs chartered in Sri Lanka

Be a part of this global movement and harness your skills in leadership, teamwork, management; while leaving a positive and sustaining
footprint on your community and enjoying every moment of volunteer service


District Executive Committee

Nazreena Ashroff Ali

District Chairman

Upeka Peiris

District Vice Chairman

Sharmila Cassim

Immediate Past District Chairman

Janu Sivasubramaniam

District Secretary

Priyanthi Dissanayake

District Treasurer

Tushani Samaranayake

District Extension Service Chairman​

Hasithani Fernando

District International Service Chairman​

Malkanthi Wickramasinghe

District Editor

Krishni Balasubramaniam

District Webmaster

Zenaida Y. Farcon

IIW President


Zenaida Y. Farcon, or Zeny, as she is fondly called, is a dedicated and committed Servant Leader of Inner Wheel. At a very young age of 28, she joined the Inner Wheel Club of Marikina in 1988. She was recruited by her mother-in-law, Past NationalTreasurer Lourdes Farcon. With barely two years’ experience as a club member, she served as President in 1990. In 1994-1995, she was elected as Chairman of District 380.As DistrictChairman, she sat on the Board of Inner Wheel Clubs of the Philippines, Inc. She concurrently served as National Secretary and Chairman of the National Leadership Training Seminar.

Her entry into the National Board of Trustees of Inner Wheel Clubs of the Philippines, Inc, was progressive and developmental, serving as Deputy National Representative in 1995, First Vice President for two terms in 2000 -2002, Internal Auditor in 2002-2003, National Representative in 2003-2004. Given her sincerity, dedication, generosity, hard work, leadership management competencies, and experience, Zeny, at age 47, was ready to sit as National President in 2007-2008. 

She graduated Cum Laude and landed top 20 among 10,500 examinees in the 1981 CPA Board examination. She is currently managing her accounting and auditing firm. She is married to a Lawyer-CPA, Past District Governor Virgilio “Jun” Farcon, Jr, Rotary International’s Endowment and Major Gifts Adviser for Zone 10A for Rotary Year 2022-2025. They have three children. 


I am indeed happy to send a message to the website of Inner Wheel District 322 for the incoming year 2022/2023.

The whole world is facing a very turbulent time due to global warming, the food crisis, and economic crisis leading to ill health and malnutrition. It is more so in our country and this situation will not resolve itself as fast as we would wish. As we all know, it is the mothers and wives who have to carry most of the stress and burdens of these bad times as they somehow try to feed their families, provide clothing, and educate their children, while quite often taking on the additional responsibilities of looking after aged parents. These same mothers and wives also at times work to bring in a double income for the family, or perhaps have little choice other than to be the breadwinners for their families. Yet they manage it all, moreover finding the strength and the energy to help the less fortunate as well through organisations such as Inner Wheel. They are indeed superwomen who work wonders. The theme for 2022-2023 WORK WONDERS chosen by our International Inner Wheel (IIW) President Zenida Farcon is thus most appropriate in these times.

While 2022-2023 will undoubtedly be a challenging year for all of us, I believe it will also be an opportunity to serve as much as we can while enjoying the closeness and fellowship when working together towards a good cause, which is what Inner Wheel is all about. As Mother Theresa said “Not all of us can do great things. But we can do small things with great love.”

The food crisis can be overcome to a certain extent by encouraging home gardening plots in our communities. If we encourage people to grow vegetables, fruits and yams by providing some of them with seeds they will at least have their daily food. Most of the people (about 70% of our population) are not able to afford the three meals our country was used to. This will cause malnutrition and health issues. If the plots are small or there is no garden space, they can be encouraged to grow plants in pots or bags. However, if they are blessed with bigger gardens they can share their produce with others or sell the excess to buy the other necessities.

Another contributing factor that challenges us is global warming. We cannot leave everything to the government authorities. It is time we did our part too. If we all contribute in action, however small, collectively it will be substantial. Implementing the 3R concept “reduce, reuse and recycle” to the best of our ability will lead to a more equitable and prosperous future. Let us work hard towards our centenary and mark the beginning of a greener world. Many people have taken our forests and oceans for granted and abused them. It is time to rectify our mistakes and give back to minimize the damage caused and steer in a more positive direction. This will work wonders to lift the community even in a small way from all the crises facing us. If we try, the universe will conspire to help us achieve the good we want for the communities we serve, and as Albert Einstein once said “only a life lived in the service to others is worth living”.

Have a happy, healthy and enjoyable 2022-2023.  

Shanta Jayalath

IIW Board Director

Joan Jayamanne

National Representative
District 322


The Year dawned with the announcement of the inspiring Theme 2022/23 “WORK WONDERS” by the IIW President Zenita Farcom. We have to be mindful of this Theme through this year. I wish the dynamic and committed membership of Inner Wheel District 322, every success in working together to create Wonders in the greater Community through their meaningful, valuable, significant and Authentic Work, not forgetting the Objects of Inner Wheel “Friendship, Service and International Understanding”.

I look forward to taking up duties as National Representative Sri Lanka for the Second time, the First being in year 2015/16. It brings back memories of working with Clubs in the District and with the amiable IIW President Charlotte De Vos and her Executive members, the Constitution Chairman and Editor/Web Master.

This year too we have a“new” IIW Constitution. Interpreting the new amendments will be challenging and interesting. To ensure the correct and accurate interpretation, I will always seek the advice from the IIW Constitution Chairman.
Being the LINK between the District and International, the correspondence both ways will be attended to promptly.

I wish the IIW President Zenaida Farcon and her Executive team 2022/23 a very successful and a memorable IIW year.

I also wish the District Chairman 2022/23 Nazreena Ashroff Ali and her Team a successful and a productive year.


Along with the District Executive Committee, It’s a privilege to lead the Inner Wheel District for the Year 2022‐2023.

The theme this year “Work Wonders” meaning mixture of wonderful creations of culture and time with amazing spectacular work by the Inner Wheel women to shine the world. So let us together “Work Wonders” to fulfil this beautiful theme.

“Every Member One Member” will be the main membership drive and focus to enhance our growth and bring strength and stability to our organization.

It’s my earnest wish to support the Apeksha Hospital, Maharagama to further develop their surgery units whereby the hospital can increase the no. of surgeries and improve the quality of life for the patients.

I sincerely hope that in the coming years, we can help each other to learn more about ourselves and enjoy what we do to improve fellowship at club and district level.

Wishing you all the very best in the coming year.

Nazreena Ashroff Ali

District Chairman

Krishni Balasubramaniam

District Webmaster


It is a pleasure and an hounor to serve in the Executive Committee of District 322. The technology driven global home concept has made my role as Webmaster more relevant and I am committed to bring the Inner Wheel related information to your fingertips. 

The improved website will serve as a source of information about the District and the clubs. I invite you to explore the website.