Chandrani Gunawardena

The IWC of Batticoloa received their Charter during this year. She laid emphasis on personalized service to assist the down trodden people. Specially designed IW greeting cards were printed and clubs were encouraged to mail them to foreign clubs to widen our horizons and to mark World IW day. She organized a special training program for club Presidents to promote efficient club leadership. She was elected the National Representative of Sri Lanka in 1997/98. She was elected IIW Board Director in 2002/03.

Goolbai Gunasekara

Despite her varied activities in the sphere of education she found the time to lead the District efficiently and strengthen fellowship.

Lilian Perera

The theme “Understanding” was encouraged to be practiced in all club activities and projects. Being a fashion designer by profession she organized a very successful Fashion Show at her district Conference.

Pearl Masilamani

Pearl encouraged the clubs in the District to engage in personalized service projects in keeping with the IIW theme for the year. She demonstrated a uniquely quiet efficiency during her period in office. After the post National Representative was created by IIW and she was appointed National Representative for the country in 1994/95.

Yvette de Silva

Yvette’s projects were based on the theme” Give our World a Future” and the emphasis was on the children and the conservation of the environment. She was appointed IIW Representative and Board Member in 1994/95 to represent Sri Lanka.

Gwendoline Tissera

Gwendoline completed the project “The Breath of Life” started in 1987/88 by Mrs. Indrani Atukorale in the ICU of the Colombo North General Hospital in Ragama. This project provided piped oxygen to 10 beds. IWCs of Nuwara Eliya and Wattala were formed during this year. She was appointed the IIW Representative and Board Member for Sri Lanka in1993/94.

Nadine Mediwake

Nadine took over at a time when the country was in political turmoil and it was impossible for her to continue with the previous year’s project.  IWC of Kurunegala was formed during this year.  She was appointed as the IIW Representative and Board Member for Sri Lanka in 1992/93.

Indrani Atukorale

The IWC of Mount Lavinia was chartered during this year. She started the project “The Breath of Life” to provide piped oxygen to the ICU of the Ragama hospital and it was later completed by Mrs. Gwen Tissera in 1990/91. She was appointed the IIW Representative and Board Member in 1990/91.

Nirmalie Gunatileke

Nirmalie was the founder Chairman of District 322 and she initiated the formation of many IW clubs in Sri Lanka and she was always there to advice the new clubs. She received the Margaret Golding award in 2001. She served as IIW Representative and Board Member for two years 1987/89. Later she served as IIW Board Director in 1997/98.